Need B2B copy that turns more prospects into customers?


Generating leads consistently is an ongoing business challenge. Especially when your resources are tapped out. If you’re struggling to:

  • Create messages that appeal to your prospects,
  • Identify content strategy gaps,
  • Keep a full sales funnel year-round,

You’re in the right place. I’m Sandra Jean-Louis – a Toronto-based B2B Copywriter. I help technology, software and professional services marketers drive revenue. From engaging collateral to SEO-optimized web copy, email campaigns to attention-grabbing newsletters, I craft messages that help attract their ideal prospects and turn them into loyal customers. Learn more about my Copywriting Services.

Keep your audience engaged until they’re ready to buy

Having a long sales cycle doesn’t mean you need an elaborate content strategy. But it does offer many opportunities to deliver timely and impactful messages – messages that that can keep you at the top of your prospect’s mind.

Whether you need to unclog your sales funnel with fresh content, or offload your pressing copywriting projects, I can help with

  • Clear marketing collateral that prospects understand and salespeople want to use
  • SEO web copy that resonates with readers and keeps search engines happy
  • User-centric content that engages prospects from initial contact to final sale

As a well-rounded marketer, I’ve managed website and demand generation content for two global PC manufacturers. I’ve also managed e-commerce promotions, online advertising campaigns and social media communities. That’s over 14 years of combined marketing experience, which means I’m not your average Copywriter. That’s why B2B marketers leverage my experience to help them plan and create lead generation content and strategies that fill up their pipelines with pre-qualified prospects.

Ready to start shortening your sales cycle? Start by learning more about how I work  and can help your organization drive more revenue.

For immediate help, contact me by phone or email me at: Sandra(at)