Fill up your sales funnel without losing focus of your business.


When your resources are tapped out, it’s hard to keep up with customer expectations and lead generation. If you need to:

  • Attract more leads with relevant and compelling marketing messages,
  • Identify content strategy gaps and integrate new opportunities,
  • Keep a full sales funnel year-round,

You’re in the right place. I’m Sandra Jean-Louis – a Toronto-based B2B Copywriter. I help IT, software and professional service companies develop content and marketing collateral. Whatever it takes to fill up their sales funnels with qualified leads. Find out how my Copywriting services can help your business.

Lead generation tactics for each part of your content strategy

The most brilliant marketing program can’t survive without ongoing support. Sometimes, that extra pair of hands and brain power are all you need to keep things rolling.  Whether you need to unclog your sales funnel with fresh content, or simply offload your pressing copywriting projects, I can help with:

  • User-centric content that engages prospects from initial contact to final sale.
  • SEO web copy that resonates with audiences and keeps search engines happy.
  • Marketing collateral that attracts prospects and converts them into leads.

Contact me directly to discuss how I can help you get back on track!