So … what sets me apart from other B2B Copywriters?


sjl picYou already know you need an extra pair of hands. But how do you know whether a copywriter has the right combination of talent, experience and professionalism you need?

In my former life, I managed online advertising campaigns for multiple publishers. I also wrote and translated website copy, demand gen and ecommerce promotions for two global PC manufacturers.

As social media platforms emerged, I helped build online communities to engage customers, attract prospects and support business objectives.

Then the Great Recession hit. For a few years I was safe. But I eventually took a cue from other laid-off cubicle dwellers and struck out on my own. After spending some time in deep reflection (mostly on a tropical beach), I traded in my cubicle for the entrepreneurial life.

These days, I leverage my combined 14 years of Web writing, ecommerce, online marketing, SEO, demand gen and social media management skills to help technology, software, healthcare and medical device marketers capture prospects, nurture leads and turn those leads into more sales. More specifically, I’ve written Web copy, marketing collateral and content about topics such as website performance, interactive voice response, radiology IT solutions, data storage and security and omni-channel technology.

Of course, it’s not all business. When my right brain tendencies kick in, I’m traveling to warm locations to practice my Spanish or my first language which is French. I’m also a bit of a foodie and like to collect musical instruments.

So, just what can you expect when you work with me? A few key things:

Someone who gets it

Even when you’re being pulled in different directions, the need to publish content doesn’t stop. Your brand needs to stay visible in an overcrowded marketplace.

As a well-rounded marketer, I’ve worn many different hats. This extensive exposure gives me a unique perspective on the challenges you face as a B2B marketer. As such, I’ll help you identify those elements that can best reach your intended audience and keep them engaged through each phase of your sales cycle. See what clients say about working with me

A certified SEO copywriter

Keyword stuffing is out. Writing for humans is in.

SEO can be overwhelming when you don’t have the tools or resources to do it right. But ignoring the constant changes to search engine best practices will kill both your search rankings and profits.

As a certified SEO copywriter, I write to motivate readers and trigger search engines without contrived, hyped-up fabrications. You get content with high search engine visibility. And your customers get engaging and relevant content.

A strategic partner

In a deadline-driven environment, there’s no time for hand holding.

As a former advertising campaign account manager, I worked with clients to steer campaigns from conception to execution and analysis. Moving campaigns through different stages meant I had to ask the right questions to determine their needs and always follow through.

And deliver the work on time, every time.

As an extension of your business, I take the time to learn about your challenges and obstacles.  For me, it’s about more than copywriting. It’s about bringing timely ideas to the table and developing strategies that will resonate with your prospects and keep your sales funnel full. What’s it like to work with me?

A flexible professional

Because client satisfaction is my top priority, I’m adaptable and I do whatever it takes to ensure that my clients are always happy with the final product. My services always include two rounds of revisions. But if at any given time you’re not happy with any part of my product, I’ll make sure that all necessary changes are completed to your satisfaction.

Do you have a full plate but need to offload some of it? Let’s connect to discuss how I can help you achieve your marketing goals.