B2B copywriting services that eliminate objections and shorten your sales cycle


Complex technologies and software don’t sell themselves. But exposing your hard-earned leads to timely, laser-focused messages can build trust and consistently move them closer to purchasing. That’s why my B2B copywriting services cover each phase of the sales cycle.

First, standalone collateral, copy or content that drives prospects into your funnel:

    • White papers
    • Case studies
    • Ebooks
    • Sell sheets
    • Brochures
    • Direct mail
    • SEO Web copy
    • Landing pages

Next, timely campaigns that keeps readers hooked until they’re ready to buy:

  • Email campaigns
  • Video scripts
  • Product demos
  • Postcard mailers
  • Infographics
  • Enewsletters

Whether you need standard collateral or multiple lead nurturing touch points, staying in front of prospects can take a considerable effort. I can help fill those resource gaps so you remain visible. And if you need a new content strategy altogether, I’ll help you develop one from scratch.

If it’s time to reactivate a sluggish sales funnel, why not enlist the help of a B2B Copywriter with extensive marketing experience? One who crafts clear, relevant and engaging copy without stuffy jargon or convoluted semantics your audience can’t process. And a seasoned marketer who uses ethical and current search engine optimization practices to boost content exposure and stay on Google’s good side.


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