Keep your audience engaged with laser-focused SEO copywriting – no matter what Google throws at you


Does search engine optimization scare you? Have recent search engine algorithm changes overwhelmed you into inaction?

Despite ongoing changes and updates, SEO is still a key component of inbound B2B marketing. And how your organization reacts to these turns can dramatically impact your traffic, search results and profits.

Can your business sustain any changes search engines throw your way?

Attract your ideal prospects to drive engagement and sales

As a Certified B2B SEO Copywriter, I keep up with the latest search optimization practices. This means I write timely, relevant content that helps technology and software companies reach their target audience and fill up their sales funnels with the most qualified leads.

By integrating ethical search engine optimization practices, I can help you connect with your ideal prospects and keep them engaged as they move through the sales cycle. And as developments in the world of SEO unfold, I can help you navigate the changes and use them to your advantage.

My SEO Copywriting Services include a full-service search optimization strategy:

  1. A competitive analysis of your business so you know where you stand in the market and against the competition.
  2. Research and analysis to pinpoint your most compelling and relevant keywords and phrases.
  3. Implementation of your new strategy and monitoring to keep your content optimized.

With an updated keyword strategy, your pages will come up in relevant search results more often, which can significantly boost your chances of connecting with better prospects regularly. More prospects in your sales funnel mean more revenue!

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Keyword integration from previous research

Already done the research and just need to integrate your new keywords and phrases into existing content? Call or email me today for a free consultation.

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