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Like most of you, I’m inundated with and desensitized by email, but a message from Sandra popped in my inbox one day that I couldn’t avoid. The copy flew off the screen and compelled me, so I reached out. I engaged her shortly after, based on the obvious quality of her writing and her clear understanding of the B2B buyer’s journey. Sandra has the approach and patience of a project manager and the instincts and knowledge of a great writer. We’ve done several critical projects with her since and are planning more soon. Highly recommended!

Robb Duke, Director of Marketing – USAN

I really enjoyed your writing style, organization and content you provided. You made my job super easy!

Lisa Sorg-Friedman, Writer/Editor – Pragmatic Marketing

Sandra has worked on a number of projects and although Infrastructure and Managed Services aren’t always the liveliest topics she makes a great effort to understand our message and the story we’re trying to tell. This focus helps her build a compelling narrative and an engaging piece. Sandra is great to work with, very organized and reliable and always available for support. Two projects involved interviews with senior level clients which she handled extremely well, drawing great insights from each client.

Nicola Fahy, Marketing Manager – Tenzing Managed IT Services

In the moment I met Sandra, she came across as a true professional and an expert in her field. In that first conversation, she gave me valuable information to incorporate into my website. Not only did she show excellent writing skills, she also added a marketing strategy that I have since incorporated.

Brett Bieber, Professional Business & Life Coach –


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